One throat to choke

One throat to choke?

As demand for data storage and cloud services grows, many companies have come to realize they do not want to be in the data centre business. Designing, building, and operating a data centre requires a specialized set of skills and carries a level of risk that can be difficult to manage given potentially dramatic financial consequences of even minor service interruptions let-alone more significant down-time events.

As outsourcing of IT needs has become more commonplace an unfortunate part of industry parlance that has emerged with those activities is the concept of “one throat to choke” – vendors providing a single point of contact for blame when things go wrong. It’s a concept that emphasizes accountability over service. The trouble is, displaced risk isn’t mitigated risk.

Risk mitigation is achieved by increasing competency, improving communication and changing patterns of activity to achieve a superior outcome. If the objective of outsourcing is to reduce risk then choosing the right partner for your data centre solution needs to consider how that partner adds the knowledge, depth and capability to truly mitigate risk – not just move it from one place to another.

Over our more than 25 year history, Urbacon Data Centre Solutions has assembled a team of seasoned, highly skilled professionals with an unrivaled depth of knowledge and experience in data centre design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Our superior quality facilities are managed by industry leading technicians that ensure your connectivity requirements are met with the hardware you choose. We identify your data needs and vet all points of contact from suppliers to security staff. With UDCS you can rest assured that your information will be protected in a 100% Canadian owned facility. Our Canadian ownership guarantees that your data is not subject to foreign laws. Your data will always be safe residing on Canadian soil.

So, one throat to choke? That’s an anachronism, born of a time when expectations for levels of service and mitigation of risk in the IT world were at a low-point. On the contrary, every member of the UDCS team is accountable to you and focused on mutual success. Practiced, professional, progressive and proven, we are your one-stop shop for wholesale colocation.

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