Data Privacy

Why Canadian data centres offer end users superior privacy

Competitive power rates, cool climates and low natural hazard risks have made Canada an integral player in the global data centre market. But atmospheric conditions and a lack of seismic activity aren’t the only characteristics that give our country an edge in this booming industry. Canadian legislation and regulations surrounding data privacy and security are some of the most stringent in the world. As organizations continue to adapt to and welcome digitization and the IoT, vigilant security and privacy laws become ever more crucial, particularly for the safe storage of sensitive data and intel.

In Canada, our Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) requires companies to obtain explicit consent in the collection, disclosure and distribution of personal information in the course of their commercial activities. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner expressly states that commercial activities include the selling, bartering or leasing of information. According to legislature, companies must take all reasonable steps to protect information from unauthorized users. In other words, it is illegal for corporations to deny accountability for their employees’ sensitive information storage and for that information to be collected, sold or distributed without consent.

Urbacon Data Centre Solutions (UDCS) has been building, maintaining and operating data centre facilities for over 30 years, bringing over two million SF of protected, industry-leading space to fruition. Safeguarded under Canadian legislation, our data centres also offer end users continuous uptime with reliable, highly-efficient and redundant systems. Our firm is now emerging as a leading wholesale colocation provider in Canada with multiple next generation data centres in diverse locales around the country.

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