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Why choose a purpose-built data centre?

When choosing a data centre to host your mission critical systems and sensitive information, selecting a facility that is specifically designed to minimize risk to your business is of crucial importance. Purpose-built data centres offer tenant space that is designed to accommodate critical IT infrastructure. These facilities are built, from the ground up, with the end user’s needs dictating and governing the construction approach.

Operating with a ‘do it right the first time’ philosophy, Urbacon Data Centre Solutions (UDCS) has been building mission critical facilities for nearly 30 years. Many of the world’s largest and most recognized organizations have entrusted UDCS as their provider for state-of-the-art, purpose-built data centres. Operating as a one-stop shop, UDCS tackles each project with all mission critical-specific considerations and potential risks at the forefront of our approach.

Our critical, in-depth process for ideal locations and physical data centre attributes sets the foundation for each facility. From project inception, we undertake a rigorous site selection process, examining minimum distance separation requirements from sensitive land uses, collateral risks, utility and fibre demands, transport links, and weather-related specifications. A detailed risk assessment defines potential threats and mitigation requirements as part of a first-stage ‘go-no go’ determination.

For clients focused on sustainability and those wishing to take advantage of free cooling initiatives and diverse energy capabilities, our process considers climate and proximity to natural resources as a means to power and cool potential facilities.

Our process also includes a meticulous analysis of the physical attributes required to successfully bring each data centre to fruition. This investigation is client- and project-specific and includes, but is not limited to structural load, ceiling height, interior space dimensions, physical security, scalability/flexibility, accessibility (for people and equipment), column spacing, clearances, partitioning, redundant and diverse utility feed, and other cabling requirements.

UDCS understands that, as companies expand and grow, so too do their data storage requirements. We believe that investment in purpose-built storage is essential for organizational growth and increased white space demand. Similarly, we recognize that many corporations are adopting high-capacity solutions for their storage needs. With that said, UDCS incorporates the necessary mechanical equipment and systems into our designs to accommodate this shift to higher density.

At UDCS, our cutting-edge, purpose-built data centres offer guaranteed uptime with flexible, adaptable spaces catered directly to client needs, objectives and requirements. For more information on how our purpose-built facilities stack up, please visit udcsdatacentres.com.

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