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Navigating the constantly evolving and expanding data centre environment comes with challenges and achieving facility compliance requirements can be difficult. Fortunately, thanks to seasoned and accomplished data centre experts like Urbacon Data Centre Solutions (UDCS), businesses can feel confident that their sensitive information is safely stored and maintained in some of the most secure, reliable and redundant facilities on earth. Our dedicated team of industry-leading professionals is equipped to handle projects of any scope and size and our services include the following:

Wholesale Colocation
Our wholesale colocation service model offers a best-in-class full-service solution for businesses and organizations. UDCS purpose-built facilities provide 100 per cent guaranteed uptime, maximum availability, reliability, and sustainability. With highly-efficient dedicated data halls, large cages with blocks of space and power, private suites, and multiple locations across Canada’s major metropolitan hubs, our data centres provide customized solutions to suit your needs in cool and safe critical environments.

Powered Shell
A powered shell solution offers clients flexibility and scalability to suit their current and future needs. With full power and a blank canvas, these facilities enable the client to deploy a phased approach to occupancy. The powered shell strategy allows operators to construct the facility and deliver the infrastructure at a later date when a tenant or tenants have been selected. This strategy allows for input from the end-user with respect to critical system selection, density, and levels of redundancy and security. This service is often beneficial for clients that require high speed-to-market as a powered standby facility can help alleviate production times. Our powered shell options are available in both greenfield and retrofit sites.

Our Build-To-Suit option takes your company’s objectives and produces a mission critical site built to your exact specifications, needs and requirements. With our team of in-house architects, development specialists, engineers, project managers, and trades people, UDCS brings the abilities and technical proficiencies required to manage your project from design and development through to completion. Our expertise ensures a seamless approach that minimizes change order costs and maximizes facility longevity.

Facilities Maintenance
Operating and maintaining a data centre facility is a 365/24/7 job. UDCS’ facilities maintenance team provides optimal operational facilities. Clients benefit from continuous auditing, research, sourcing, and selection of the best and most reliable materials and technologies for each facility’s full life cycle. With tried and tested MOPs and SOPs specifically tailored to client and system requirements, our team studies and understands the current data centre environment for each facility and optimizes functionalities while significantly lowering power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratings. With service level agreements that ensure a rapid response to queries and concerns, our maintenance team is prepared to work round-the-clock to guarantee smooth operations, maximum uptime and sustainability.

From large data halls with secure suites to powered shells with flexibility and room for growth, UDCS offers a wide variety of data centre services to suit your business goals and objectives. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, UDCS has established itself as a leader and an authority in the thriving data centre sphere. To learn more about how our services can benefit your business, please visit udcsdatacentres.com.

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