UDCS full-service solutions to optimize your data centre experience

Are you a business owner with a need to expand your data centre footprint? Do important queries about optimal site locations, data privacy, downtime, maintenance, and cost efficiencies leave you scratching your head? There are many factors to consider when breaking into the data centre sector and, if you answered yes to the foregoing questions, then the ‘Data Centre as a Service’ or DCaaS option may be the right solution for you.

Historically, client-owned data centres were the norm and, unfortunately, they came with hefty price tags. With the rise of cloud computing, however, outsourced and DCaaS options have grown in popularity and with good reason. These third-party solutions allow for a streamlined colocation process that leverages the knowledge and expertise of professionals whose sole business is data centre development and maintenance.

From a research and development perspective, considering your options for expansion into unfamiliar territory can be a timely and costly endeavour. Options are limited and there are potential risks associated with new geographies. Full-service data centre companies like Urbacon Data Centre Solutions Inc. (UDCS) have already penetrated these markets and fostered the relationships required to benefit your organization. Our well-established relations with local governments, real estate communities, and power, fibre and network service providers ensure a smooth expansion into new markets, including product alignment and overall efficiencies.

Site selection and building design are crucial factors in the successful operation of any data centre facility. The UDCS team will help you ensure that your facility complies with standards and requirements while limiting risk. Our DCaaS solution guarantees that your facility’s design will afford safe operations at full capacity while simultaneously maintaining optimal efficiency and ensuring return on your investment. With guaranteed uptime, on-site operations and maintenance staff and detailed disaster recovery plans, the UDCS DCaaS agreement provides an added layer of reliability and security that may otherwise be unachievable. This model also ensures scalability for the future of your business. UDCS DCaaS agreements allow clients to grow into larger facilities without having to predetermine ultimate capacity requirements.

In the era of the cloud and the Internet of Things, data centre flexibility is pivotal for the prosperous operation of your facilities and our service level agreements (SLAs) are tailored to your business needs and objectives. While some organizations have the ability to house a data room within their own facility, others are not necessarily equipped with the resources or scale to accommodate such equipment and hardware. In addition to this, individual companies which do not have data centres and infrastructure technology as part of their core business may not possess the technical knowledge or wherewithal required to select the best equipment for their purposes. UDCS brings a broad range of expertise in selecting the best computing hardware to suit the needs and goals of your business. Our DCaaS model also allows for direct connection and alignment with the rest of your data centre operations. We maintain partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and recommend only the best and most reliable options for your safe data storage.

Building and operating your own data centre is a capital expense with substantial financial obligations.  The UDCS DCaaS service model manages costs and maintains predictable monthly operating expenses, allowing businesses to focus on investing in their core missions. Our DCaaS option significantly lowers overall IT costs and provides an economically-precise alternative to potentially costly client-owned and operated facilities.

By choosing the UDCS DCaaS model for your data centre operations, the tough questions have already been answered for you. UDCS possesses nearly three decades of international experience in the data centre industry. With this expertise and experience guiding our approach, we offer turn-key solutions for your business, resulting in fixed budgets, competitive operating expenditures, favourable locations, reliable infrastructure, and round-the-clock care. For more information on the UDCS full-service program, visit our website at udcsdatacentres.com.

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