How artificial intelligence is shaping the data centre world

From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become embedded in the fabric of our daily lives. According to research, global spending on artificial intelligence is expected to increase exponentially over the coming years, reaching $7.3-billion by 2022. Intelligent automation solutions are revolutionizing the way we work, live and play and the data centre sector is no exception.

Garry Kasparov, contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal, writes that “machines aren’t just giving us answers more quickly and accurately. They are generating new knowledge that helps us better understand the world.” As interest in artificial intelligence intensifies, progressive and ambitious organizations must adapt and clearly define their AI goals and strategies. At Urbacon Data Centre Solutions (UDCS), we are constantly looking to the future and preparing ourselves for change. At any given time, a single strand of fibre in a fibre optic cable can transmit as much as 100 billion bits per second. The amount of potential data transfer has grown to astronomical levels and, as data centre experts, we know that data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are cut from the same cloth.

With data consumption and dissemination growing daily, AI strategies and methodologies require increasingly powerful processes and amplified server performance.  A study released by AFCOM suggests that average densities have reached 7kW per rack, but UDCS has seen increases exceeding 10, 12 and even 50kW per rack. In these highly-dense and hot critical environments, data centres must remain adaptable, versatile and ready to accommodate extremes. UDCS employs state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solutions to ensure that our data halls are operating efficiently, regardless of client demand. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge and insight to help clients improve upon and prepare their existing environments for the AI influx and our facilities maintenance team understands the intricacies and importance of AI strategies, including the value in preparing whitespace for the future.

In an article from the World Economic Forum, writer Jonathan Vanian states that “Canada is currently a hotbed of AI research, with some of the world’s leading experts in the AI technique of deep learning residing in the country […].” The experts to whom he refers are researching at various institutions across the nation, including the University of Montreal and McGill University, both of which are situated in Montreal, QC. According to the Wuzhen Institute, Canadian metropoles Montreal and Toronto are ranked amongst the top global AI cities. Recognizing their potential, UDCS penetrated these markets before they earned their reputations as AI hotspots. In fact, our 266,671 SF Montreal-based facility, is the only true purpose-built data centre in the city core.

UDCS deliberately established several of our industry-leading facilities in the world’s preeminent AI hubs. Our data centres are designed to cater to global top-tier technology providers, to adapt to diverse end-user needs, and to accommodate increasing loads and densities. With direct connectivity to abundant fibre and renewable energies in the heart of these IT centres, our clients leverage our expertise to ensure seamless data solutions for their businesses. Are you looking to house your company’s AI operations? Find out how we can help by visiting

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