We have four interconnected sites in Canada, each data centre built with the same expertise and care that goes into every UDCS project, and each with their own sustainability features, cutting-edge technology and advantages.

However, a common advantage with all of the UDCS data centres is that they are 100% Canadian. Having your data located in Canada has several benefits. First, there is a legal structure in place that reflects high regard for personal and corporate privacy. Secondly, the climate is perfectly suited to implement free cooling initiatives, while there are low electricity rates and funding incentives that will further reduce your costs. Also, being located in a Canadian data centre brings an abundance of water sources with reliable and available power.

Further incentives to utilize colocation services in Canada include superior infrastructure, excellent transport links, a skilled and educated workforce, and the proximity to the large North Eastern population of New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Philadelphia — opening up access to almost half of Canada’s population and 40% of the US population.

  • 100% Canadian

    Owned and operated – safe from foreign data laws

  • Ideal climate

    Implement free cooling initiatives

  • Low electricity rates

    Further reduce your costs

  • Funding incentives

    Save on start-up costs

  • Natural resources

    Abundance of water provides reliable and available power

  • Superior infrastructure

    Excellent transport links by air, rail and road


Montreal, QC

Located in the heart of the financial district, this Montreal data centre serves as a global telecom node, providing close proximity to major US cities, prime connectivity and access to a highly-educated ICT staff. Further incentives include interest free loans and 10-year tax holidays from the Quebec government, as well as an abundant water supply and numerous dams providing favourable hydro rates.

Richmond Hill, ON

The Greater Toronto Area is the fifth largest metro area in the US and Canada and provides access to 140 million residents within a 500 mile radius. The region is home to leading data centres, 125,000 ICT professionals, and one of the most extensive fibre-optic cable networks in North America. Furthermore, you can save costs with PowerStream’s Conservation Incentive Program.

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Located at the centre of the Great Lakes along the US border presents an opportunity to tie into two telecommunications backbones, multiple fibre providers and path diversity. The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre has access to government funding, while the local renewable power production in excess of 600mw has led to the city claiming the title of “Alternative Energy Capital of North America”.

Toronto, ON

281 Front is less than one and a half kilometres from Canada’s financial heart, and directly abutting the country’s largest urban data centre. With accessible transport links, an abundance of power and fibre connectivity, the opportunity to implement free cooling techniques and access to over 125,000 ICT-related professionals in the Greater Toronto area. locating your data to this Toronto data centre makes perfect sense.